What is the "EcoGreen Award™"?

70% of US travelers are willing to pay $75 more per week for ECO Friendly Hotels.

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The EcoGreen Award is the certification and recognition, as it relates to the Hospitality Industry, that a Hotel, Resort, Restaurant, Bar, Club, Spa, Country Club, Banquet facilities, and others, have committed themselves to the process of becoming ecologically supportive in a proactive way.

The awarding of the "EcoGreen Award" indicates the commitment of the facility's management team to reducing both energy dependency and consumption emissions, in its lighting applications.

Four Seasons - LobbyWhy is certification recommended?

The need to reduce dependency on oil is at the forefront of thought today. The planet's energy consumption is rising at a frightening rate.

In addition, reducing energy produced emissions, which affect the ozone, is of paramount importance in helping to stabilize the planet's overall ecology.

Applying for, and completing, a lighting technology change over at your facility is a step toward a sustainable energy supplyand your facility deserves recognition of your accomplishments. Consumers know of your commitment to support the environment when your establishment proudly and prominently displays its EcoGreen Award™ plaque! Take advantage of customer awareness as a certified facility through the EcoGreen Award™ online green facility listing.

What are the benefits of EcoGreen Award™?

  • Online process for self-audit of existing lighting.
  • Online assistance for sourcing of bulbs.
  • Real-time display of cost and energy reduction.
  • The Certification inspection process is fast.
  • Presentation plaque is awarded.
  • Consumer marketing of your certification.
  • Lighting maintenance database is free.
  • Detailed report may enable energy supplier rebate.

How to become "Green" in simple and affordable steps.

One of the easiest, and most cost effective, ways of reducing dependency on foreign oil products is to re-evaluate the way your establishment handles its interior lighting.

We make the process easy with our on-line application and conversion work sheet. No need for pricey consultants or electricians. All the lighting change over options listed below fit your existing light fixtures! No re-wiring necessary.

Plaque ExampleSome examples:

  • Just a simple change over from incandescent bulbs to CFL's (Compact Florescent Lighting) has a substantial two-fold benefit: Reduction of energy used AND reduce operating costs. CFL's are available in color shades from Warm to White, so your establishment's ambiance and atmosphere are preserved, not compromised!
  • Updating your table and bar Candle and Lamps away from traditional wax candles or liquid fuel cells to LED candles. LED replacement cells are available in battery or rechargeable forms to make the most of energy efficiency, plus this conversion has the unexpected result of surprisingly large cost savings!
  • Another efficient means of saving energy is switching from linear florescent lights to linear LED lights in Food Service areas. The benefits are huge since LED linear lights have an average burn life of 50,000 hours, they do not have to be break-resistance coated AND they contain no Mercury!

Other strategies can be simple, everyday items:

  • ENTER and EXIT Signs can be a contributor to energy savings by simply changing from standard to LED bulbs.
  • Change Spot Light Bulbs to LED Spot bulbs, which are now available and cost effective.
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