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More than 20% of the electricity generated in the U.S. is used for lighting alone.

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The focus of the EcoGreen Award™ Certification Program is the energy conservation and cost savings that an establishment, facility wide, can achieve. The initial focus is on lighting since this area is one of the most critical ways to realize both energy efficiency and cost savings, while reducing the use of electricity, with minimal investment. We feel this program is an excellent way to assist with US and Global energy reduction goals.

Four Seasons - BathroomThe EcoGreen Award™ Certification Program provides the property owners and managers, be they independents or chains, with a straightforward way to plan their energy efficiency goal through an on-line process. This process helps determine the areas of their property, or properties, that can realize significant energy reduction and operating cost savings. This can now be accomplished without the need to hire expensive consultants or go through major fixture or electrical changes.

The EcoGreen Award™ on-line Certification Program is a clear-cut process, allowing most facility Purchasing or Maintenance personnel to accomplish the self-audit and institute the changes they feel can be achieved at their property. The program provides all the information needed, such as identifying types of lighting that can be changed and the solutions available. In addition the energy and cost savings can be viewed, real time, throughout the process.

Recent studies have shown that 70% of consumers indicate they would patronize a facility that has instituted programs to help the US achieve its energy goals.

New CFL and LED technology will be continually updated in the EcoGreen Award™ Certification Program, to take full advantage of the newest and most efficient energy conservation savings methods, as they become viable.

The EcoGreen Award™ Certification Program is the first process of its kind to utilize the cutting edge Web 2.0 philosophy, to simplify, automate and make interactive the energy reduction process. This is the beginning of a number of ECO processes that will be addressed through our interactive program.

Certification Information

The EcoGreen Award™ Certification is provided to encourage Hospitality facilities in reducing energy use by utilizing energy efficient lighting technologies.

The EcoGreen Award™ Certification focuses exclusively on energy saving lighting practices for commercial facilities. Reducing energy consumption by converting to efficient lighting technologies is the single most important initial step that the industry can perform and gain the largest payback for the operator and the environment. Read More >>

Use of the EcoGreen Award Mark

These are the Rules Governing the Use of the EcoGreen Award™ Certification Mark.

Discover the steps to certifying your facility for energy efficient lighting practices. TheEcoGreen Award™ Certification™ Mark is protected under Federal law. Its use is permitted only by contract with, or with written permission from, EcoGreen Award™. Read More >>

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