Application Process

How to Get your Facility Certified

Discover the steps to certifying your facility for energy efficient lighting practices.

  1. Register your facility on-line and purchase a single or mulitiple facility use of the EcoGreen Award™ on-line certification program. ($499 per facility)
  2. Fill in the required data as shown in the self audit form online. If you believe your facility may be already compliant with the minimum EcoGreen Award™ requirements, you need to fill out only the self-audit portion of the form. Otherwise, complete the entire the form, including the lighting changes needed to meet the minimum requirements or better.
  3. Once the form is completed to your satisfaction and you have completed the actual bulb replacements in your facility as indicated on the form, you will submit the form stating the conversion is complete and ready for an onsite compliance inspection.
  4. The onsite inspection will be scheduled typically within two weeks after completed and submitted audit form. The EcoGreen Award™ inspector requires a named responsible facility person as named when registering to accompany the EcoGreen Award™ inspector while in the facility. The facility will be contacted for a inspection appointment date. If the facility is not able to keep the original agreed appointment date, a new appointment date must be approved at least 3 days prior the original date or additional charges may apply. To reschedule contact EcoGreen Award™ at 954-670-1600 or by email.
  5. After completion of the EcoGreen Award™ inspection, the named facility person will be notified typically one week after completion of the inspection. If the facility is determined to meet all requirements for certification, EcoGreen Award™ will grant your company the right to use the EcoGreen Award™ Certification Mark with regard to promotion and advertising by awarding an official letter and the EcoGreen Award™ certification plaque. The facility will also be listed as a EcoGreen Award™ compliant facility in the EcoGreen Award™ online consumer directory. If approved, the certificate will be awarded.
  6. Should the facility fail to meet the requirements for certification, EcoGreen Award™ will inform you of the failure reason(s). EcoGreen Award™ keeps confidential all test results as well as the fact that you have submitted products or services for evaluation. The facility may correct the non-compliant items and resubmit for inspection. The second inspection will have an additional inspection charge. There is no limit on the amount of re submittals.
  7. Future unscheduled or blind inspections may be performed by EcoGreen Award™ time to time to insure the facility keeps within the original certification approval. If the facility fails to meet the minimum requirements upon reinspection, EcoGreen Award™ will inform you of the reinspection and the reason(s) for failure. The facility will have 30 days to correct the failure reason(s) and request reinspection. Reinspection will have an additional cost. EcoGreen Award™ reserves the right to delist the facility as EcoGreen Award™ compliant and order cease of use of the EcoGreen Award™ Mark if not corrected within the specified eriod.

The annual renewal fee includes a re-certification inspection and new certification plaque.

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