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By using energy efficient lighting you can save up to 70% on your monthly electric bill.

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The EcoGreen Award™ Certification is provided to encourage Hospitality facilities in reducing energy use by utilizing energy efficient lighting technologies.

The EcoGreen Award™ Certification focuses exclusively on energy saving lighting practices for commercial facilities. Reducing energy consumption by converting to efficient lighting technologies is the single most important initial step that the industry can perform and gain the largest payback for the operator and the environment.

Most importantly, let your customers and guests know that you care and have taken the first major step to help with the environment and conservation.

EcoGreen Award™ Certification Program has done the research for you and provides online assistance to achieve the level of compliance that best fits you facilities needs. The online system guides you through the planning and implementation stages of the conversion with comprehensive information for the task. Upon achieving your energy conversion goal, you will receive a Certification Award to proudly display your achievement and also gain national consumer attention through our compliant facility listing.

The process for certification is straightforward:

  1. Register your facility online, and submit per faciity fee of $499
  2. Fill out the Self-Audit form online
  3. Fill in the bulb substitution online form with real-time cost analysis
  4. Submit confirming completion information
  5. A verification facility inspection will be scheduled
  6. Upon inspection approval, you will receive highly visible Certification wall plaque for display to your customer and the online certification listing.

If you believe your facility may already be compliant based on EcoGreen Award™'s certification requirements, you may request a Certification inspection from your submitted self-audit.

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