Use of the EcoGreen Award™ Mark

The EcoGreen Award™ Certification Mark is protected under Federal law. Its use is permitted only by contract with, or with written permission from, EcoGreen Award™. Our rules are outlined below.

  1. Use of the EcoGreen Award™ Certification Mark.
    Use of the EcoGreen Award™ Certification Mark (hereinafter "the Mark"), or any portion thereof, in connection with a product or service constitutes a representation that the product or service is in full compliance with the relevant published EcoGreen Award™ Environmental Standard, and that the named facility and company is subject to a valid Certification Agreement with EcoGreen Award™. The client must assume full and complete responsibility for its use of the Mark and agree that the Client will, through proper inspection or otherwise, determine that any products or services bearing the Mark are in compliance with the requirements of EcoGreen Award™.
  2. Need for Written Authorization Prior to Use.
    The Mark is a legally protected Certification Mark of EcoGreen Award™, Inc. No person shall use a Mark or any portion thereof in connection with any product or service, or represent or imply in any way that a product or service has been certified by EcoGreen Award™, unless EcoGreen Award™ has confirmed, in writing, that the product or service is certified.
  3. Color.
    The EcoGreen Award™ symbol portion of the Certification Mark may appear in one color if the copy of which it is a part is produced in fewer than four colors. In such cases, the symbol shall be all Brown or all Green. The EcoGreen Award™ symbol shall appear in four colors if the copy of which it is a part is produced in four or more colors. In such cases, the outside circle, left leaf and the "EcoGreen" text shall be in green (PMS 356C,) the "Award™" text, inside circle and the right leaf shall be orange (PMS 151C,) and the center leaf and center circle shall be in brown (PMS 7516C) or a reasonable facsimile thereof.
  4. Use of the Mark in Advertising.
    The Mark shall not appear on advertising bearing uncertified environmental claims.
  5. Right of Advance Approval of Use of Mark and EcoGreen Award™ Name.
    EcoGreen Award™ retains the right to review and approve in advance the use of its name, the Mark, or any representations concerning its program. To assist EcoGreen Award™'s oversight of the use of the Mark and upon request from EcoGreen Award™, the Client shall provide EcoGreen Award™ with copies of all uses of the Mark upon request.
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